3rd party developer increases use-value of iPod: Apple cries foul

Those pesky Real Networks guys. They went and made iPod interoperable with other music-provider formats, making the device even more useful to individuals.

"Bastards!", says Apple.

(via Crooked Timber)

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Apple has always been

Apple has always been proprietary. This should surprise no one. I have no sympathy at all for people who have purchased iPods. You get exactly the corporation/government you deserve.

The RealNetworks folks seem to be catching on to reality here. They used to be evil, with spyware, proprietary formats, etc, but they may be seeing the light. I'll reserve judgement, however. No idea if they'll survive, but it's not like we need large corporations to bring us our music or even our hardware players anyway.

Someone needs to teach Steve

Someone needs to teach Steve Jobs some basic economics.

He knows how to make wonderful products, but his "corner the market" policies have crippled Apple for a long time.

Steve Jobs will learn

Steve Jobs will learn economics at the same time Scott McNealy does.

The next time some crazy

The next time some crazy Apple fan complains about how everyone uses Windows, despite its obvious deficiencies compared to Mac OS, mention this. Apple choose to keep their hardware proprietary, to their own detriment. It looks like they still haven't learned any lessons from their past mistakes.

The Boyle quote over at

The Boyle quote over at Crooked Timber is an excellent demonstration of how intellectual property rights can violate or infringe upon physical property rights. Both Randy Barnett and Tom Bell have written extensively on this topic.