Some Like It Hot

A headline in an MSNBC article warns us of more heat waves, and makes several references to a hot spell that occurred in Chicago "in recent years".

"More"? Those of us in the Midwest are still searching for our first one of the year.

The timing of the article seemed a bit odd to me, considering that I read a Chicago Tribune article four days ago bearing the headline, "Cold Spell is Cast on Chicago" (Not to mention my home state has experienced sweatshirt weather for large chunks of the season). But the MSNBC article makes its case on Chicago's 1995 summer sizzler, not 2004's chilldown.

The computer models used to generate this hot forecast "take into account increasing levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide". The model doesn't, however, take into account sunspot activity, whereas a decrease in such activity next decade could result in cooler temperatures here on Earth.

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Um, don't try to argue with

Um, don't try to argue with the gloom-n-doomers. Their existence is based on the premise that we're all doomed, and the State needs to make sure that something is done about it.

Heat wave? It's because of global warming. Cold spell? Hey, you saw what happened in "The Day After Tomorrow". :end: