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Misty May I?Misty May, one half of the American duo expected to win Olympic gold in women's beach volleyball, nearly missed the games with an abdominal injury. Yet, she and her partner Kerrie Walsh were in top form yesterday beating a Japanese team in early round competition. I looked closely for any sign of injury, but could not find any. Her abdomen appeared fine to me, and I will continue to keep a close eye on it in future matches.

Moving on from injury to insult, Iranian judo world champion Arash Miresmaeili, the man who carried the flag during the opening ceremonies, refused to compete against an Israeli opponent, with the official reason given being over the weight limit. However, an official statement out of Iran gave the real reason:

This is a general policy of our country to refrain from competing against athletes of the Zionist regime and Arash Miresmaeili has observed this policy.

This is why I don't like the Olympics. Politics has always trumped sport. The Iranian government sees fit to prevent Iran's most celebrated athlete from pursuing his dream. Governments have always been at the forefront of the Games and the athletes in the background.

Other things I don't like about the Olympics:

* munchkin gymnasts
* sports in which "judging" decides who wins
* synchronized diving
* overdone opening and closing ceremonies
* dressage
* Katie Couric
* 'feelgood' human interest stories
* "walking" events

Then there is the USA men's basketball team. I told my friends before the Games began that they wouldn't finish in the top 5. Yes, as most people have pointed out, they're not the best players the USA could have sent, they're lazy, they lack chemistry, and they're a bunch of primadonnas. But the one explanation that I have not heard so far, which I believe explains things better than any other, is that the rest of the world has caught up in talent. Even a coarse perusal of the rosters of NBA teams will reveal what find of impact foreign players have had - Nowitzki, Stoyakovich, Gasol, Divac, Turkoglu, etc. Though the USA would still dominate against any other country in a comparison of the top 100 players, when you get to the top 10 or top 5, the margin has closed significantly over the last decade since the Dream Team took the court. The rest of the world will get to watch the American team suffer more embarrassing losses.

Me? I'm gonna stick to watching women's beach volleyball for the next two weeks.

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Even lamer! :bomb:

Even lamer! :bomb:

I've never had much interest

I've never had much interest in the Olympics, due to several of the reasons you gave.

For my money, I'm looking forward to the World Cup 2006. Germany, here I come. :grin:

Jonathan, Yeah, women's


Yeah, women's volleyball for the next 2 weeks. Cheaper than Skinemax, I s'pose.

I liked Bill Maher's take. He called for an abbreviated version of the olympics with JUST the actual sports.

When I think "human interest story", I think Bob Costas. I can just hear his smug voice right now, tearfully explaining how some dude had the flu one time, but rose above it to become an olympic athlete.

I thought of the world

I thought of the world competition issue, too. But if that is the case, why do they play with the gimpy "international rules" with the stupid trapezoid?

The trapezoid "lane" is designed to negate height advantage, as well as any skill advantage, for the players closest to the basket. It was done to "level the playing field" for lame international players vs. imported Americans who would wax them.

Since the world is better, there ought not be any difference in the rules between what is done in the US and the rest of the world.

The principal effect of the

The principal effect of the international rules is to over-emphasize three point shooting--not just with the trapezoid lane but with a 3-point line that's about a foot shorter than the U.S. *college* line.

:dunce: Yes I will continue

:dunce: Yes I will continue to closely observe Misty May's abdomen also... I will also make sure to look for any signs of a high hamstring sprain.

munchkin gymnasts sports in

munchkin gymnasts
sports in which â??judgingâ?? decides who wins
synchronized diving
overdone opening and closing ceremonies
Katie Couric
overdone â??feelgoodâ?? human interest stories
â??walkingâ?? events

I can't think of a sport where judging isn't crucial to the outcome of contests.

I personally enjoy diving, gymnastics, and dressage. And the "walking" isn't "walking."

I also can't think of American sport that is broadcast that doesn't also come with "feelgood" human interest stories; hell, you see them all the time when the NFL and NBA are broadcast.

I also really enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies this year; especially their representation of Greek history - the moving figures from the Minoan frescoes, etc. were especially cool. :smitten:

Olympics Scholympics Boobus

Olympics Scholympics
Boobus americanus was the role I played today. I sat in front of the TV and watched a number of sports being conducted in the land of Greece. A few thoughts: - it would suck to run into the vault...

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