Weird Dream

I had a really weird dream last night. Normally, I don't even remember having dreams, but this one bordered on nightmare-scary and woke me up.

I was driving down a steep incline and saw a stop sign marking a crosswalk at the bottom of the hill. The crosswalk was next to a school, and young children were walking along with their teachers. I was only going about 30, and after pressing my brakes, I reduced my speed to just over 5 mph.

But I couldn't stop. No matter how hard I pressed my foot down, the car kept moving. I even tried using the emergency brake, but no success. Nor did putting the car in park do any good. I didn't think of trying to turn the engine off with my keys, but by the internal logic of my dream, I doubt that would have worked either.

So instead of honking and just driving right through the line of children, I quickly spun the steering wheel to the left. There was enough room for me to idle in a perpetual circle, but this made a lot of noise - the sharp turn caused something internal to screech and my car scraped against the walls on the side of the road. This upset the children.

Instead of moving the children out of the way so I could get through, the teacher--a perky little 20-something with a high pitched voice - the kind of voice more grating than fingernails on a chalkboard--told someone to call for help because we were having an emergency. This upset me greatly: Why do we need outside help? Just move out of the fucking way! And then I woke up.

What this says about my inner psyche, I do not know.

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Micha, Clearly, the teacher


Clearly, the teacher needed a Union vote to determine what her course of action should be -- and if it was included in her job description at her current wages.


The night before last, I

The night before last, I dreamed that the Libertarian Party's new strategy was "We only need to get 1% of the representatives in each state. Multiply that by 50 states, and we'll have 50% of the House!".

Micha, You didn't say if it


You didn't say if it was a public or private school.

Were the kids old enough that you could've offered them a prize for thinking of a way to stop the vehicle? Of course this strategy turns on it being a private school. :)

"So instead of honking and

"So instead of honking and just driving right through the line of children, I quickly spun the steering wheel to the left."

When the moral brakes failed you veered left to maximize social utility.

Okay, I just had a weird

Okay, I just had a weird dream myself. :sleep:

I was trying to look something up in a gigantic phone book. I knew the page number, but every time I grabbed some pages I either had way too few or way too many. It was taking soooo looong for what should have been a simple binary search to converge. (It didn't help that the book contained many specially-numbered sections.) And the whole time I had people talking to me and distracting me. Arrr!

But my brain knew I'd get there. And I did. But then I woke up. I don't even know what I was searching for!

Okay psychoanalysts, have at me!