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Patri Friedman grew up near Philadelphia, but moved to California for college and has been on the left coast ever since. While he has a BS in Math from HMC and an MS in CS from Stanford, and works as a software engineer at Google, he blogs about politics and economics. (And unlike some econ professors he knows, Patri's actually taken a couple econ classes.)

Philosophically he is an anarcho-capitalist, most heavily influenced by Machinery of Freedom and The Enterprise of Law. Despite having strong (and libertarian) moral intuitions, he is a consequentalist, because he does not believe that his particular set of intuitions are the absolute truth, or that one necessarily exists. Given that many people have very different moral intutitions, and that libertarian policies have practical advantages, it seems best to argue for them on practical grounds.

Despite a natural inclination towards writing, arguing, and hair-splitting, what Patri really wants is not to talk about liberty but to actually have it. Having investigated the various options, he's decided that floating cities are the most realistic path towards true liberty. He believes that sea and space will be conducive to liberty, and is writing a book about Seasteading, or homesteading the high seas.

He lives in Sunnyvale, CA, in a communal house which he co-owns with some friends. During the rare times he isn't in front of the computer, either for fun or his job as a software engineer for Google, you can find him indoor rock climbing or playing high-stakes poker, where he's been known to make the money in the world championships. For more personal topics, he blogs on LiveJournal.

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