Another good reason to not look forward to death

Over at Sentient Developments there is an interesting post on a recent proclamation by the pope. Apparently couples are expected to be celibate in heaven. That's right - celibacy for eternity. This puts a whole new spin on the 40 virgins thing. Hopefully the muslims have a different "heaven" set aside for themselves otherwise the whole endless supply of virgins thing could become a very bad running joke.

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That's a good question. It

That's a good question. It sounds like there is supposed to be some relationship in the afterlife, however the "till death do us part" thing would be a serious oversight if that is the case. I'm not catholic either so I don't have a clue.

Hey Jonathon G, If J.

Hey Jonathon G, If J. promised life eternal then the "till death do us part" is forever right? (Though he also said that marriage isn't applicable in heaven.)

I think it would be stranger

I think it would be stranger to think that a disembodied soul would be able to have sex.

David, Well, I'm not sure


Well, I'm not sure this blog is the best place for theological discussion, but my short answer take on it would be thus:

Most (but not all) Christian religions teach that marriage is part of this mortal life only--that physical death of one of the partners ends the partnership. Even if someone attains the eternal life that Christ promised, they still have to pass through death to get there, thus ending at that point a marriage that was only authorized "till death do you part". Also, Christ never taught that marriage wasn't applicable in heaven, just that people aren't "married or given in marriage". My understanding of how he used the term "married" is that he was referring to the process of performing a marriage, not the state of actually being married. Thus if someone had a marriage that legitimately wasn't "till death do you part", it would continue after death. However, it would have to be performed in such a way as to be sanctioned in heaven, and not just on earth.

I'm not sure how many Christian or other denominations believe in the continuity of marriage after death, in fact the only one I know of is the LDS faith (which to be fair to
other readers who don't know me, I am an active member of that Church). My understanding is that Christ promised Peter the power that what he "sealed on earth" would be "sealed in heaven", and it is only through this power that a marriage can be performed one earth that is binding in heaven. That's how Tiff and I were married.

Anyhow, knowing that many if not most of the readers here are either atheist or agnostic, I think I'll leave it at that. I just felt that your question deserved an answer as best I can give it.


Glad I'm not Catholic.

Glad I'm not Catholic.

Of course, this is kind of a

Of course, this is kind of a moot point for them, because don't Catholics (and most other relgions for that matter) consider marriage to just be "till death do you part" anyway? If you aren't married anymore, the statement really doesn't have much meaning, or am I just misunderstanding it?