Lewd shirt, no service

On an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York, a man, Oscar Arela, was wearing a shirt considered obscene by the airline. The shirt depicted a woman's naked breast. And, refusing to change or turn it inside-out, he and his girlfriend were booted off the flight faster than you can say "Janet Jackson".

The knee-jerk reaction by the couple is that their constitutional right to free speech was violated.

Sorry, Oscar. Even though most wouldn't get bent out of shape over the shirt, a private enterprise can legally establish a dress code. Yes, a business can even bar Linda Ronstadt from singing on their property, if it so chooses.

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If someone finds it hard to

If someone finds it hard to recognise the logic of this, because they are caught up on the censorship aspect, ask them to consider a person who wishes to visit a nudist beach but insists on remaining clothed.

Still, it is annoyingly prudish and while legal recourse is not valid, they deserve to lose custom over it.