Immigrant Song (and Subsidy)

I read on Boortz' column today that the US granted citizenship to 7,000 Russian Muslims who will be settling in Pennsylvania. The newcomers will be treated to housing, furniture, English-language courses, and life-long welfare allowances paid for by US taxpayers.

Two things immediately come to mind:

* With a deficit as deep as the Grand Canyon, the US government is paying for an all-expense paid trip for 7,000 immigrants into Philadelphia? And to think that there's a huge party in Boston right now droning on and on about how George Bush a far-right conservative.

* I'll be curious if this human interest story concerning the Great Satan's taxpayers subsidizing the moving expenses and paychecks of 7,000 incoming Muslims will be broadcast on Al Jazeera. Let's say I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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Doug, I think you

Doug, I think you underestimate Al-jazeera. I can see the headline now. 'Great Satan lures thousands away from Holy Land.'

:wall: I'm beginning to

:wall: I'm beginning to think that the Democrats have had their brains sucked out by aliens and have become pod people. Or that we need a mass exorcism.

There's some sort of mass hallucination/hypnotism going on.
If the Democrats made good on any of their promises, they would destroy their reason for existing.

That's why when the Republicans do make good on their promises, the Democrats can't afford to take note.

According to the Islam

According to the Islam Online story, the immigrants "have been promised life-long welfare allowances for pensioners and the disabled.." I don't know how many of them are pensioners or disabled, but surely it is not all 7000 of them.

And Kathy, are you commenting on this post, or on another one? I didn't see anything about Democrats in it.