The Endless Entertainment Value of the Left

I was meandering about the blogosphere when I came across a post that made me bust out laughing. Via QandO this is Ralph Nader's list of issues that Kerry will "avoid addressing" during the convention:

1. A call for a national crackdown on the corporate crime, fraud, and abuse that, in just the last four years, have robbed trillions of dollars from workers, investors, pension holders, taxpayers and consumers.

2. A demand that workers receive a living wage instead of a minimum wage.

3. A call for a withdrawal from the WTO and NAFTA.

4. That our income tax system be substantially revamped.

5. A call for a single payer health system.

6. Stand up to the commercial interests profiting from our current energy situation.

7. Demand a reduction in the military budget that devours half the federal government's operating expenditures at a time when there is no Soviet Union or other major state enemy in the world.

8. A call for electoral reform.

9. A call for reform of the criminal justice system.

10. Replace the Washington "puppet show with a Washington peace show for the security of the American, Palestinian, and Israeli people."

11. A call for the United States to begin a military and corporate withdrawal from Iraq.

12. A call to stand up to business interests that have backed changes that close the courtroom to wrongfully injured and cheated individuals, but not to corporations

McQ sums it up nicely with:

Anyone who follows politics in this country knows quite well that Nader's 12 points are worth precisely the 3 to 5% vote he's likely to garner from them. But they also know that if Kerry were to adopt them, he'd lose much more than 3 to 5%. He might lose most of the middle thinking about supporting him. So this isn't really Nader trying to get Kerry to see it his way. This is Nader sticking it in Kerry's eye because the Democrats are playing dirty politics.

Maybe it is just my twisted sense of humor that finds these sort of political antics amusing, but I can almost visualize Ralph Nader sitting in a corner pouting "just watch, they won't cover a single issue I care about..."

His proposed issues remind of me of the Georgia Green Party's Candidate for Senate in 2000. I forget the guy's name but he claimed to be a close personal friend of Ralph Nader, and also lamented the loss of Huey P. Long (yes, that Huey P. Long, the man known before his assassination as the dictator of Lousiana) during his speech at UGA. He had a diagram that portrayed the distribution of wealth in America in terms of a peanut butter sandwhich.

His stated goal: "spreading out the peanut butter."

Ralph Nader does sound less like a socialist this year than he has in election years past. I even agreed with parts of some of his points (you'll have to read the whole editorial to see what I mean). Yet somehow there is still that distinct hint of a peanut-butter-spreading agenda (something about "living wage" gives it away).

Nader just wants to spread out the peanut butter y'all, and if John Kerry were a true socialist err... leftist, he would too. Thanks for the suggestions Ralph, but I bet Kerry has the talent to lose this election without your help.

Nevertheless if Kerry does lose I suspect Nader will get the credit for that. Democrats never think it's a fair contest unless the only real competition is from the other side of the middle. I can only imagine how upset they would be if the ballot were open to anyone who wanted to run for office.

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