Tommy Chong is a Great Man

I just learned from the Drug WarRant that Tommy Chong is free and the Feds still haven't broken him.

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I'm all for legalization,

I'm all for legalization, but I don't see how Tommy Chong's prosecution is any more objectionable than other drug prosecutions. As long as marijuana is illegal, is it really that much worse for marijuana paraphernalia to be illegal, too? It seems that what Chong did was clearly against the law even though that law was rarely enforced. The outrage over Tommy Chong's prosecution doesn't make much sense to me.

Xavier: It's a couple of


It's a couple of things. The obvious point is that Chong is an icon, and his incarceration got press. Ergo, the outrage will get more press.

Second, it hurts more when someone you "know" gets arrested.

Third, the paraphernalia laws are incredibly vague. They are based solely on language. Before Operations Headhunter and Pipedream, a bong was only a bong if you called it a "bong." Chong and (most of) the other retailers had every reason to believe that they were operating within the rule of law.

In spirit, however, you're right. The injustice Chong suffered is peanuts compared to most victims of the Drug War. But it's not that there was too much outrage over Chong, but rather too little outrage over everyone else.

A man is not great because

A man is not great because of the injustices visited upon him. Don't turn this into a contest of who is the biggest victim.

Mr. Chong has not abandoned the cause of legalization. He suffered time in prison and was not broken. He has done more for freedom than I have. If you think that you personally have done more for freedom than he has, then by all means demean what he has gone through. I on the other hand have never been in prison. I hope I would come back out with all my wits about me also. I'm not sure that I would though.