Ladder Reset

For those of you who play Diablo II, the ladder will be reset tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, followed by about 30 minutes of downtime before the rush begins. Here is a countdown.

My blogging will be slim to nonexistent for the next week or two as I get my Diablo II groove on.

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People still play Diablo

People still play Diablo 2... on ladders even? I must agree with Qiwi. Crackhead.

Don't get me wrong--Diablo

Don't get me wrong--Diablo II is an awesome game. The last time I had it installed I played until the pain in my arm and shoulder were intolerable. Diablo II is basically multiplayer Nethack with awesome graphics.

I'm still pissed that my favorite Horadrick Cube formula, (i.e. three health and three mana potions of any size --> one minor rejuve potion) seems to have been deleted in some patch or another.

I never got into Diablo II.

I never got into Diablo II. I forgot which other game gave it the boot. To make sure I don't get Qiwi wrong, I'll downgrade Micha to a pothead. Work?