"Eminent Domain Abuse" is a Redundancy


I think the entire doctrine of eminent domain is an abomination. That said, some instances are more egregious than others.

CBS News "reports":cbs:

p(quote).. The City of Lakewood is trying to use eminent domain to force the Saleets out to make way for more expensive condominiums.


The mayor told 60 Minutes that she sought out a developer for the project because Lakewood's aging tax base has been shrinking and the city simply needs more money.

?This is about Lakewood's future. Lakewood cannot survive without a strengthened tax base. Is it right to consider this a public good? Absolutely,? says the mayor, who admits that it's difficult and unfortunate that the Saleets are being asked to give up their home.


But the condos can't go up unless the city can remove the Saleets and their neighbors through eminent domain. And to legally invoke eminent domain, the city had to certify that this scenic park area is, really, "blighted."

?We're not blighted. This is an area that we absolutely love. This is a close-knit, beautiful neighborhood. It's what America's all about,? says Jim Saleet. ?And, Mike, you don't know how humiliating this is to have people tell you, 'You live in a blighted area,' and how degrading this is.?

"The term 'blighted' is a statutory word," says Mayor Cain. ?It is, it really doesn't have a lot to do with whether or not your home is painted. ...A statutory term is used to describe an area. The question is whether or not that area can be used for a higher and better use.?

But what?s higher and better than a home? ?The term 'blight' is used to describe whether or not the structures generally in an area meet today's standards,? says Cain.

And it's the city that sets those standards, so Lakewood set a standard for blight that would include most of the homes in the neighborhood. A home could be considered blighted, says Jim Saleet, if it doesn't have the following: three bedrooms, two baths, an attached two-car garage and central air.

?This community's over 100 years old. Who has all those things? That's the criteria. And it's ridiculous,? says Jim Saleet. ?And, by the way, we got up at a meeting and told the mayor and all seven council members, their houses are blighted, according to this criteria.?

Cain admits that her house doesn?t have two bathrooms, a two-car garage and the lot size is less than 5,000 square feet.

p. Disgusting. Read the whole thing, there's much more.

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Neal Boortz has been

Neal Boortz has been (rightfully) harping on the ugliness of eminent domain for a while now on his show, and made it a key topic in his speech at the LP Convention. Kudos to CBS News for the lengthy spotlight on issue.

There is nothing good about

There is nothing good about this, nothing at all. If you look up "tyranny" in the dictionary, it will have this story, and the story of the thousands of other tyrannical government thefts of property at the point of a gun. Anyone who defends this or actually participates in it, does not deserve to be a citizen of the Republic.