British Socialists to End Happy Hours

As if you needed proof of socialism's eternal drive to end all forms of human happiness, in whatever form, Great Britain's Nanny Statists, and their associated boot boys in the highly expensive and highly ineffective public police forces, have decided to try to end all private bar 'Happy Hours'.

Damn all of those people out there trying to enjoy themselves! Damn all of those private bar owners trying to give their customers more of what they want for less! And damn all of those irresponsible market forces out there trying cut the prices of desired goods!

It's an outrage!

You can always tell when the British government is about to try to raise some more bureaucrat-feeding taxes: it trumpets some terrible nightmare covering the land, which is crying out for extra taxation to control it, and then a few months later hits us with the extra tax duties. Which is remarkably convenient, seeing as all this extra loot then falls into the hands of the same police and state-paid criminal justice lawyers who have proved so ineffective, in recent years, at controlling the horrendous rise in Britain's rates of violent crime.

Maybe if we didn't live under such an oppressive and interfering government, there would be less need for we British tax serfs to hit the bottle so hard, in order to escape the Nanny State for a few blissful hours. Maybe if we privatized the public streets they would possess an outside security level similar to that enjoyed inside private bars. And maybe if the public criminal justice system dealt effectively with transgressors of the customary laws against violence, rather than letting hooligans off with laughably light sentences, people might learn to control their violent impulses rather than unleashing them with such ferocity on innocent passers-by.

But no. Let's get rid of Happy Hours. And later, let's raise alcohol taxes to those levels enjoyed by Scandinavia, an area well known for its heavy state control of alcohol and the incredible coincidence of terrible alcohol abuse problems and high alcohol-related violence and suicide rates, some of the worst in the world.

So will a more heavy-handed British alcohol policy solve the problem of heavy drinking and ineffective policing? Of course it won't. But the alternative of letting people exchange money for goods in an unfettered market and letting those same people buy the security services they require to get the safer streets they desire, rather than being forced to rely on the monopoly public police forces, is way beyond the pale for any regular Statist to contemplate.

So how far, exactly, does society have to break down before the idea surfaces that increasing statism is the wrong answer to tackle increasing societal violence?

One suspects, all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. Cheers.

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I learned this tactic from

I learned this tactic from the South African government. When faced with rising violent crime, the government starts creating new crimes through statute so they can get their statistics up and show that they are doing something. There is usually a lot of noise about "zero tolerance" and how this ended crime in New York.

After all, if you were a civil servant, would you rather spend your days in the line of fire of seriously dangerous criminals, or visit the local pubs threatening to issue citations if the owner doesn't do his best to keep you and your mates happy?

Ha! Y'all got nothin' on us,

Ha! Y'all got nothin' on us, Dukakis put an end to 'Happy Hour' in Massachusetts about a decade ago and we're already 9/10 of the way to outlawing smoking. Expect an end to McDonalds and Burger King in this state before the decade is out.

They don't call it The People's Republic of Massachusetts for nothin'...


Isn't Socialism about making

Isn't Socialism about making everybody equally miserable?

Hey Myria, I bin there, seen

Hey Myria,

I bin there, seen the hideous Government Center City Hall, in Boston, with my own bare near-frozen eyes, and everything. Poor ol' Uncle Sam Adams, fancy having to stare at that horrible monstrous block of communal concrete!

By God, I hope it's warmer in Taxchusetts than it was when I was there, with Back Bay's very own Mr Wilde! :-)

But on the other hand, Go Pats! 8-)

Hi Mace,

Isn?t Socialism about making everybody equally miserable?

...except the new world order socialist Ruling Class. They'll be the pigs in clover drinking champagne and eating pate de foie gras long after they've got the rest of us on turnips and firing squads.