Have you broken any laws today?

I?m going to celebrate by bootlegging illegal fireworks and beer across state lines, and then shooting copious amounts of ammunition through my ominous Assault Weapons. Then I?m going to drink the contraband beer and light the contraband fireworks.

I think that the founders would consider that an appropriate celebration.

-- Phelps, from the comments below

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Five, so far, and it's only

Five, so far, and it's only 1445.

I got through a lot of that.

I got through a lot of that. I bootlegged illegal fireworks (bottle rockets, illegal in Oklahoma) and contraband beer (6.0 beer, illegal in the land of 3.2 beer) and consumed vast amounts of both. I took all my pre-ban clips for my pistols, and shot them.

Plus I broke the speed limit pretty much all the way there and back.