Speak with forked tongue and carry a big stick

First, Bush tells Taiwan that we're not going to defend them if they upset the Chinese.

Now, Bush is sending a massive fleet of seven carrier groups into striking distance of China and allowing the Taiwanese fleet to join in on the saber-rattling exercises, with the apparent intent of... upsetting the Chinese.

Dude, I'm getting whiplash from your ad-hoc foreign policy, Mr. Bush... Though, if the two statements are a coherent policy, does that mean we're trying to goad the Chinese into attacking Taiwan? The mind reels.

(via Instapundit)

UPDATE: Man, burned by the instaman. Well, indirectly. Should have thought that putting 7 CSGs together in one area would be really odd for the Navy; Insty's update points to the military release saying they're doing 7 CSGs in 5 different theaters. But the general point stands that they're sending 1-2 CSGs near China and inviting Taiwan to join in. But not nearly as massive...

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