Sowell on Cosby

Thomas Sowell gives his opinion on Bill Cosby's recent statements.

Bill Cosby and the black "leadership" represent two long-standing differences about how to deal with the problems of the black community. The "leaders" are concerned with protecting the image of blacks, while Cosby is trying to protect the future of blacks, especially those of the younger generation.

Far from just bashing blacks, Cosby has given generously to promote black education. But he is still old-fashioned enough to think that others need to take some responsibility for using the opportunities that were gained for them by "people who marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education."

Update: Oops, this is an old article about Cosby's earlier comments, not his most recent ones.

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Sowell's comments are

Sowell's comments are timely, nonetheless. The "leaders" are so concerned about their image, but couldn't really care less about the future of blacks.

Cosby is simply saying out loud what contrarians in the black community have been saying for years. Hopefully his words will take hold without him being scorned and villified by the "leadership".