Its getting drafty in here

Speaking of perverting the Fourth, The Balko points to two recent Op-Eds lauding the draft and pining for its return:

"Why we need the draft back" - Washington Post

"Bring back the (don't say Draft)" - USA Today

Just doin' my part for internet connectivity and google ranks...

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When the government wants to

When the government wants to hire more soldiers, why doesn't it do what every other enterprise does when it wants more workers - raise the salary? I'd certainly rather pay more taxes than have a chance to get drafted.

Hmmm...I thought slavery was

Hmmm...I thought slavery was outlawed over 100 years ago. Guess I was wrong. So basically a private individual can't enslave someone (and rightly shouldn't be able to of course), but the government can if decided on by majority vote and signed by our great leader.