Dead rising from the grave, Variable constants of the universe, Mass Hysteria!

Well, except for the undead part, it seems that what once was "not just a good idea, but the Law" (the speed of light, that is) has varied in the past just like the more prosaic highway speed limit.

What was more interesting to me was confirmation of something I heard a long time ago as a rumor- the world's only natural nuclear reactor, out in Oklo, Gabon, Africa. Started 2 billion years ago, went on for hundreds of thousands of years, too, before running out of juice.

(via Marginal Revolution)

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I think it may be more

I think it may be more useful to say that alpha (the fine structure constant) may have changed, rather than the speed of light. A change in alpha can be looked at as a change in the speed of light, but the speed of light is set by definition. Seconds are defined in terms of oscillations in Cesium, and a meter is defined as how far light travels in 1/299792458th of a second. Therefore, we couldn't actually measure a change in the speed of light except through a change in alpha, because our measuring sticks would also change length.

I read that same thing about

I read that same thing about the natural nuclear reactor yesterday and was amazed. I never knew that a nuclear reactor could occur naturally. I gotta start reading more often.