BLASPHEMY! or, "One of these things is not like the other"

In the process of welcoming Tyler Cowen to the Ranks of the Shrill, Brad DeLong utters an unconscionable blasphemy:

By the power vested in me by Paul R. Krugman, and through the invocation of the ideas of Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek, Lord Acton, John Stuart Mill, and all the other friends of liberty...

[insert sound of needle scratching across record]

Invoking Adam Smith, Hayek, Acton, and to a lesser extent Mill in the same breath as Krugman??

Get me the kindling![1]

fn1. Upon a moment's reflection, perhaps an Auto-da-Fe for Brad is not required, since he did invoke the great spirits of liberty despite identifying himself as having power through a minion of the Dark One. Maybe just some penance, like reading Hazlitt's "The Failure of the New Economics" a few times, would be sufficient.

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I've read Hazlitt once. Does

I've read Hazlitt once. Does that count? I've also read, _Can Dollars Save the World?_


Good enough for me. Go forth

Good enough for me. Go forth and sin no more!