Alternate Reality?


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This comment from Doug

This comment from Doug should be here:

I?m about halfway through reading the book Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. It?s amazing discovering the extent of deception and manipulation he does with multimedia to distort an event or person. The book explains how Moore goes well beyond simple exaggeration and ?artistic license? in his films.

If you?re at a bookstore and want to catch a section to give you a taste, read pp. 65-80. It digs deep into how he edited Chartlon Heston speeches (from assorted different times, but made it look like one speech) for Bowling for Columbine, spliced them together, mixed them with imagery, and created a completely fabricated tale.

Then there were instances in Roger & Me where he?d piece together events that happened in Flint, Michigan, over the course of a decade, and present them as if the events happened one right after another. For instance, he?d show an event that happened in 1982, and reveal it in such a way whereas the audience would think it happened immediately after an event in 1984 (suggesting ?cause and effect? where there was none).

Unfortunately, the book?s details will not find the wide audience it deserves.

Hey, if there'd been a

Hey, if there'd been a bestselling book like that three years after Pearl Harbor, this country would be in a hell of a lot better shape.

If FDR hadn't maneuvered us into a war to keep the Grand Area's markets from being shut off by the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and Fortress Europe, we wouldn't have spent the last sixty years living in a garrison state and permanent warfare economy.