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Some days you may feel that you have it bad living in America, especially if you live in somewhere horrific like Taxachusetts. But please spare a thought this morning for those of us in the UK who think the heady heights of Boston's Bunker Hill would be an Austro-libertarian wonderland compared to what we have to put up with over here.

In many ways Britain resembles a living experiment of what it will be like in the US in a few years time if you let the socialists in Washington DC take over even more control from your lives. So beware!

Take this morning, for instance. In a few hours time our Health Secretary, Dr John Reid, an alleged former communist and the current government's Man of Steel, is going to announce a new five year plan to increase the central capacity of the National Health Service. This is the NHS, that useless government-owned socialised medicine monopoly, where after sixty years of centrally managed failure you can still be forced to wait over a year to get an urgently required brain tumour operation. And the solution to this ongoing failure? Yes, you guessed it, more taxes, more regulations, and more of the same.

As a Marxist who studied communism for many years at University, even gaining a PhD in economic history, you can be sure Dr John Reid is aware of the irony of announcing five year plans. However none of this will show on his normally bitter angry face this morning, when he boldly explains his great new happy shiny "Vision of the Future".

Because of his advanced education Dr John Reid can still take one of Chairman Joe Stalin's old speeches, first delivered in 1928, and change the words "Tankograd Sector" to "Hospital Sector" and "Increased tank production" to "Increased health capacity". However, the good doctor appears to have learned nothing else. No doubt Dr Reid believes communism collapsed because of some minor technical flaw created and fostered by evil fascists and malcontent capitalists. And no doubt in the future, as a potential British Prime Minister, he will obliterate this flaw to help create the perfect socialist world, along with his future friends in Washington DC.

You may think it amusing that we have a closet communist so close to the top of government here in the UK, a man once ranked as Scotland's most feared Marxist in a land famous for its fearsome Marxists. But please judge Dr Reid's five year plan instead as an instructive lesson.

The well-hidden Marxist legions in the western world failed to create their magnificent communist utopia Mark I, when the Berlin Wall came down. But many of them are still around and many of them are still marching towards a magnificent communist utopia Mark II, via the legalistic route of democratic regulation. Some of them may even be in a Capitol building near you, using the US healthcare system as a Trojan horse to help destroy what is left of American freedom. You know who they are. Stop them while you still can.

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Hi Jay, Yes there is a

Hi Jay,

Yes there is a 'parallel' private system, but it deals for the most part only in non-emergency medicine and virtually all of its doctors and other health professionals are either trained by the NHS, or more likely, moonlight in the private system while deriving their 'basic' salary from the NHS. This is particularly true of all 'private' surgeons, virtually all of whom are full-time contracted consultant surgeons within the NHS, who regard their private work as lucrative cream on the cake, while cleaning up in the NHS with outrageous fat discretionary NHS payments, to keep them on board with the government health system, and unbelievably generous NHS consultant pensions.

Meanwhile, many NHS staff at the wrong end of the pay scale, are amongst the worst paid people in Britain.

At least it's not illegal to work privately, yet, in Britain, as I believe is the case in the Canadastanian medical system.

But as a British citizen it's a hanging offence to dare criticize the NHS, except perhaps on North American libertarian blog sites, so I won't say any more for fear of my life next time I need any emergency health treatment (which is almost entirely nationalised, except perhaps for the Queen, God bless her).


Might be a bit of perverse

Might be a bit of perverse national pride but I think Canada's StalinCare system might be the only one that could give the NHS a run for its money in terms of incompetence, queuing and overall coercion. Does Britain at least have a parallel private system to turn to? Our 'second tier' is on the other side of the US border.

I certainly wish Americans the best of luck in fighting to retain whatever shreds of freedom remain in their health care system. The alternative (for citizens and non-citizens alike)is truly unthinkable.

PS> I reckon North Korea

PS> I reckon North Korea could just about edge us both out, on the appalling health care front! :-)

LOL. I know how you feel re:

LOL. I know how you feel re: socialized health care as a political sacred cow. Even a gentle suggestion of the need for moderate reform is met with howls of "US-style-chequebook medicine" whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

I will certainly say our State propaganda apparatus is at least as effective as DPRNK. Anytime I mention to brainwashed friends and fam. that maybe the state should stay out of health care, they give me a look like I've just bitten the head off a live chicken.

Yeah! Plus, it's spelled

Yeah! Plus, it's spelled "checkbook."

These Brits (and Canucks)

These Brits (and Canucks) with their crazy spellings...

Hi Micha, Don't get me

Hi Micha,

Don't get me started on the correct spelling of 'colour'! :-)

Actually, I think there's a Catallarchy piece in this! ;-)