More Anti-US policy = More Democracy?

The last paragraph of Henry Farrell's otherwise sound analysis of future US-EU foreign policy relations strikes me as rather odd:

Either way, it’s safe to predict that EU-US politics will become a lot more contentious, as the Parliament takes a much more active role on internationally controversial issues. In general, I reckon that this has to be a good thing: more democracy is better than less, even if it has awkward or even bad consequences in individual cases.

How is it that a more contentious and anti-American EU parliament equals more democracy? Are EU and US interests categorically opposed, thus making agreement with the US tantamount to being exploited vassals of the American hegemon? I'm curious how the two are supposed to go together (for example, is Tony Blair's government undemocratic because he's close friends and policy allies with Bush?).

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What's good about more

What's good about more democracy anyway?

Free beer?

I liked it better when we

I liked it better when we were a Republic.. but free beer helps.