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An odd chain of events leads me to a true observation of DC society that is apropos of nothing and probably signifies nothing in the end. Let me 'splain.

I pop over to Matthew Yglesias' site to see the latest bit that I'll disagree with, and I come across a 'shocked, shocked' post regarding a throw-away statement by Belle Waring (on her personal blog, not Crooked Timber). In it she casually alluded to personal girl-on-girl action in the course of commenting on the latest Volokh-inspired blogosphere debate, which is "what is sexy in men?"

Matt of course stops at Belle's insinuation and digresses, so I was curious to find the context in which such an admission is made, and went to the source. Belle's full post has little of extra prurient value, but is instead about the babe / hot dude dichotomy, or rather the skew in B/HD ratios, using Bollywood as an example.

Scrolling down into the comments, I ran across this one by Jason, and it rings true with my own experience here in Mordor DC:

Here's my view from Washington, DC. While I'd say that people here are, on balance, much less attractive than their cohorts in NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc., I'm especially struck by the huge male-female disparity here. Take almost any random hetero couple on the street, and the woman will out-babe the man by a factor of, like, 5 or 6. This seems to hold true across all lines of race, age, and class.

I've noticed this jarring trend, too. Attractive, stylish woman walks into a restaurant, waits for a bit, and then is met & kissed by her shlub boyfriend. Is DC just a promised land for average-to-plain men to find hotties? Or is there some sort of nefarious scheme on the part of Average DC Joes that is hoodwinking hotties?[1] Or is it that the male DC population is so supremely shlubby that average guys look hot in comparison? The mind reels.[2]

fn1. Of course, this assumes that assortative mating obtains, where people of like attractiveness seek each other out for coupling. If that is not the case, then the Babe/Shlub paradox isn't, but is rather just an odd random outcome.

fn2. I need to get to bed, anyway.

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Sorry about the

Sorry about the disappointing lack of further prurient details, Brian ;P

Who was it that said:

Who was it that said: "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people."?

No problem Belle, one can't

No problem Belle, one can't have everything in life. ;)

The reason you find "babes"

The reason you find "babes" with "shlubs" in abundance in DC is because power is the greatest aphrodisiac.

I seriously doubt a lot of

I seriously doubt a lot of these guys are the power elite. Those guys tend to be either "Metro" or Power Suit types. I'm talking about knockouts on the arms of guys who look like they dont wash their hair, and have grungy jeans, etc. Unless that's the new lobbyist/lawyer/wonk style...