Voting Female

I came across this in The Week today. It was written by the former governor of Vermont, Madeline Kunin, in the Boston Globe.

If we are ever to have a democracy which accurately reflects its constituency, it's time to take stronger steps.

In one area, we have already done so.

The rules for the 1980 Democratic National Convention stated for the first time that half the delegates be women. It has worked without opposition or controversy. The Republican National Convention has not followed suit. Still, the sea of faces that will be scanned this summer by the cameras at the national conventions will include, once again, a large proportion of women, in contrast to the sea of suits that we see in the Congress.

The countries with the highest percentages of women have set clear goals for political parties to include women on candidate lists. With our single member congressional districts this would be impossible to do. The mechanics of achieving gender equity are admittedly difficult in the United States. A constitutional amendment calling for 50 percent or even 25 percent women in the Congress would not be well received.

A good model is Sweden. In 1970 only 13 percent of their Parliament included women. Today it is 45 percent. The change was caused, according to a Swedish Embassy official, by political pressure. That is the reason for a Swedish Cabinet of 11 men and 11 women. "No prime minister would think of doing it differently today."

It is time for a new wave of political pressure on the political parties in our own country. The process must start in the primaries. For every office at the state and federal level, we must begin to demand that an equal number of women and men candidates stand for the nomination of their party.

Apparently being female I cannot be adequately represented in a democracy unless the number of females in congress is proportionate to that in the population. And there I was planning on voting on the issues this year. I had no idea that I was supposed to be voting "female."

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"The countries with the

"The countries with the highest percentages of women have set clear goals for political parties to include women on candidate lists."

So some countries have much higher percentages of women than others? Where's the list???


Indeed, Cap'n. Aside from

Indeed, Cap'n. Aside from Communist China, is it not the case that most countries have a small majority of women?

Apparently, at its roots

Apparently, at its roots Femenism matches the other isms of the 20th century (communism, socialism, facism, racism...)

Usually, males have more accidents as children causing there to be more females. In some places (China, Arabia) there are other factors that cause females to be murdered attrited, causing a higher percentage of males.

Not only would I run for

Not only would I run for Congress as a representative of women, but I'd fill my office with nothing but women. Vote for me!

- Josh

That depends. Where do you

That depends. Where do you stand on the issue of leaving toilet seats up at night? ;)