The Lunatic Mainstream

Political victories come small and sporadically for limited government advocates. One such small positive might have been the recent elections in Europe in which the Euroskeptics finally made some noise in Britain, Germany, France, and Poland. For anyone concerned about the worldwide political market, the EU represents less diversity and greater centralization. The choice for Britain is whether it becomes simply another colony in a Belgian Empire, or whether is remains an independent North Atlantic nation rooted in the liberal traditions of the Anglosphere. Hopefully, the elections are a sign of things to come.

As Mark Steyn describes it, the so-called lunatic fringe of Euroskepticism is much larger than most the punditry realizes. Steyn calls the mainstream's condescending reaction to the election results "unworthy of democracy". He's wrong about that. Democracy has always been about elites getting to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

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