Well, Neal Boortz' commencement speech was a disappointment. He didn't discuss politics much at all, and instead focused on the standard high school graduation topics: success, failure, adulthood - zzzzz. If anything, the Rabbis and other speakers were more political and more controversial than he was. A common theme among all the speakers was the importance of taking personal responsibility for one's actions and not blaming other people for one's failures. In a world of increasing nannyism, this was a refreshing change.

Boortz said that this was the first commencement speech he had ever given, and it showed. I think he is so used to speaking to hostile, politicized audiences that he just doesn't know what to do with a friendly one. Boortz said that he had another speech planned, but one of the Rabbis basically said everything he intended to say, so he scrapped the canned one and make a new one up as he went along.

At first I thought he was just being cute, but immediately after saying this, he pulled out a stack of CDs in sleeves and handed one to each of the 22 graduates (it's a very small school). Boortz said that this CD contained a copy of his real speech, and that the graduates should listen to it alone, and NOT in front of their parents or teachers. Phelps informs me that the CD most likely contained this speech, the transcript of which is available on his website. Given the context of the situation, I'm glad he didn't insult his audience by delivering it.

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