Pennywise and Pound Foolish

Ever since 9/11, I've longed for the days when the 24-hour news channels had to occupy themselves with round-the-clock coverage of Gary Condit and the shark attacks.

Yes, the "I had a Scream" speech was somewhat satisfying, but we've had to slog through numerous "serious" scandals like Valerie Plame, Abu Ghraib, and now Ahmad Chalabi.

We need a new issue. Thankfully, William Safire comes to the rescue:

What frazzled pollsters, surly op-ed pages, snarling cable talkfests and issue-starved candidates for office need is a fresh source of hot-eyed national polarization. Coin reform can close the controversy gap and fill the vitriol void. Get out those bumper stickers: Abolish the penny!

Anyone who opposes this much-needed and long-overdue coin reform clearly hates America.

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why not get rid of cash all

why not get rid of cash all together and only use electronic money?

Hey, I collect pennies! And

Hey, I collect pennies!

And Spoonie, because we need to be able to conduct commerce during a power failure. Or whenever the computers aren't working for whatever reason. And believe me, it's a wonder they ever work at all...

Micha, I tried to say

Micha, I tried to say something about pennies! I too long for the days with news filled with shark attacks, and Gary Condit and his affairs, yet all I can think of this morning is the story of the trained terrorist who tried to turn himself in to the FBI in April of 2000. He told of planes to be hijacked, possibly blown up, and how he had associates who were trained to pilot the planes, and they had been trained in a camp in Pakistan. He was dismissed and sent home! Gaaaah!!! Then there's Scott Peterson's trial, if I see his dead wife's smiling picture in the media again I will run screaming! Man kills pregnant wife and son for massage-therapist girlfriend? Say it isn't so! Then there is my 'regular' local news from out of Detroit -- DAMN those folks are messed up! The murder, the mayhem, the lack of police patrols -- yet, as low on manpower as the police force is, did you know that they actually have a DOGGIE police force??? [of course, that's not what it's actually called :)] But, an entire force that goes around neighborhoods just to give tickets if you have a barking dog, dog's water dish is empty, etc. ? I WISH it could stop and I could talk about pennies!

If we abolish pennies, what

If we abolish pennies, what am I supposed to whip at people in movie theaters while I wait for the previews to start?

Even worse... if we abolish

Even worse... if we abolish pennies, how am I supposed to test the tread depth on my tires?

End Fiat currency all

What - the cable news

What - the cable news networks don't have enough Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson trial coverage to suit you you? ;)

OMG, it's the world-famous

OMG, it's the world-famous Blogger, RoguePlanet!!! [GASP!!!] ;)