Iraqi convertible


Photo from Spiegel

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Ah, just wait until they get

Ah, just wait until they get their own DOT, DSS, CAFE standards, mandantory seatbelt laws...


Quick, someone make a law.


While putting such laws in

While putting such laws in place[seatbelt law]may sound absurd to many. . . what IS to be done with the people of the world who are too damn stupid to be parents? Sure, it's a cute picture. But -- those kids are on a highway, and even at lower speeds I assure you they can suffer irrepairable damage.

Even with the seatbelt laws in place, every Summer there will still be kids in the er who are ejected from the bed of a pickup truck, or thrown from a car without seatbelts. If they live to come to the er, that is.

What DO y'all suggest for the too stupid to live?

What DO y?all suggest for

What DO y?all suggest for the too stupid to live?

Natural Selection is a pretty simple concept. Weed out the slow, the stupid, the weak, so that the species may evolve and progress.

But the whole line of thinking that involves this "save the children from their stupid parents" thing is what has brought this country to its collective knees over the past decade re: unruly children. Now, if you spank your kid, if you discipline him/her physically in ANY WAY, you're engaging in "child abuse". So now, you walk into a supermarket, and the kids OWN the parents. It's quite sad.

Evan, It wasn't too long ago


It wasn't too long ago I was faced with an 8 year old girl who have been the only survivor of a house fire that claimed the lives of her 5 siblings.

While checking her over, I found the gunshot wound. She was still strong, and when asked what had happened, she replied: 'My Daddy killed my family.' He had shot them all, dragged their little bodies to the basement, then lit them all up.

So, yes. . . let's save the children from their stupid, fucking parents. Thanks.

We used to travel like that

We used to travel like that all the time at the lake in the summer. AND MY 14 year old brother drove!!! i'm not making that up. we had a 1950's volkwagon that went 30 maybe 40! there were at least 40 adults around and NO ONE CARED. Were they all retarded and fucked? i don't think so.

Laws that attempt to "save"

Laws that attempt to "save" children from the choices of their own parents are a hillside coated in teflon, vaseline, and used motor oil, with some Wesson thrown in for good measure.

It is this same mentality that has resulted in some states' requiring that even if you home school your kids you still need to use an "approved" curriculum, have some degree or certification, and subject your kids to "standardized" tests to make sure you're feeding them the correct horsesh*t.

Sean, Have you MET many of


Have you MET many of the folks that attempt to homeschool their children?? I wouldn't certify most of them to toilet train a damn poodle, let alone educate a child. [Of course, I can say the same for some public school teachers, as well.]

qwest,'were they all retarded and fucked?' No, I don't think so either, they were just fucking lucky.

we're all 'lucky' to be here

we're all 'lucky' to be here michi. constantly guarded children end up emotional retards and are prime candidates for the kind of brainwashing we rail against here all the time.

I know, I know, qwest.

I know, I know, qwest. There are just so many people that don't know what to do or how to live without a law to explain it to them! But, now that I've thought on it a while -- I guess it's the ones that even a law doesn't do any good for that are the true root of all evil. :)

Y'all will have to

Y'all will have to understand -- not only am I a parent, but an er nurse. So of course my 1st thought is buckle those kids up, gotdamnit!

i guess its been the dilemma

i guess its been the dilemma of parents since time began, at what point do you 'let' them injure or kill themselves? each person has a different degree. at what point does the nanny state(maybe it should be the mommy/daddy state now) cut out?

haha, my wife is a nurse,

haha, my wife is a nurse, who came from a hard core altruist religious upbringing, myself being a fanatical capitalist individual from birth(i'm told). that picture would have drove her nuts too, then we would have bickered for an hour about this very subject, followed by her capitulating and admitting i'm right(TO A DEGREE)to shut me up, followed by a 40 of Old E, and MaryJ Blidge's latest. Old E is far more dangerous than crack :)

LOL, good -- at least one of

LOL, good -- at least one of you can understand me then! :)

The undercarriage of that

The undercarriage of that car looks like they have run over a body and it got stuck. Either that or an axle or tie rod is falling off.