Neal Boortz: Commencement Speaker

Neal Boortz, nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and local Atlantan libertarian personality will be the commencement speaker tonight for Yeshiva Atlanta, a private, Orthodox Jewish high school from which I graduated in 1999.

Boortz was instrumental in sparking my interest in politics in general and libertarianism in particular. While I have not listened to him in quite a few years, and while I was disappointed in his gung-ho support for the War in Iraq, I still owe him a debt of gratitude for turning me on to classical liberal ideas.

I was surprised that Yeshiva invited him and that he agreed to speak. Most Jews lean strongly to the left, and although Orthodox Jews are somewhat more politically conservative than Jews overall, they are known more for their communitarianism than any latent individualism. As far as I know, this is the only commencement speech Boortz will be delivering this year, and I don't recall him giving any in the past.

A friend of mine who will be doing the audio-visual work at the graduation told me that a large portion of the senior class are big Boortz fans and consider themselves libertarian. Given that Jewish history is replete with persecution and tyranny at the hands of the state, this is a welcome change. I can only hope that my generation and future generations of Jews will eschew the misguided efforts of left-liberalism (and now, regrettably, neo-conservativism) and turn their attention to the importance of individual freedom and the danger inherent in state power.

Either tonight or tomorrow, I will post a report of Boortz' speech. I'm hoping he doesn't focus too much on the War in Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or the standard, boring fare of high school commencement speeches (success, failure, adulthood, blah, blah, blah). My preference would be a speech tailored to the audience, specifically about school vouchers and the importance of a maintaining (more like resuscitating) a strong separation between school and state. We shall see.

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I suspect it may be very

I suspect it may be very close to the traditional Boortz commencement.

Nice, better than the shite

Nice, better than the shite commencement speaker we had when I graduated from my alma malus.

How about individual freedom

How about individual freedom to commit usury (in the 50% to 200% range)? That was a hallmark of Jewish folks and got Jewish people in huge trouble back in the 500s through 1000s (I can't recall the exact time period but it was in the time of the Reformation because even Martin Luther turned evil and said they [Jews] should be burned at the stake for their usury) and LED TO THE LOSS OF INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM BY HAVING USURY LAWS.

Perfect example where government has to step in to stop greedy and out of control individuals.

Same for corporate America (numerous examples omitted). Can libertarians respond to this type of logic or do they resort to fallacious arguments.

Tnank God for government and thank God for people often (not often enough) having some say about how government does it's business of controlling your freedom. Unfortunately, too much of government thinks like a libertarian and would prefer to squash all of the labor class with unfairness and injustices (such as unfair trade practices of offshore outsourcing which destroys American jobs -- all in the name of indvidual liberty, rah, rah!) and use the police to keep them under control when they revolt.

Thank goodness libertarians are fringe.

Gantza Matza Ball Schloima Yutz Putz (cryptic for "Have a Nice Day").