I'm Shocked--Shocked!--That Michael Moore Would Tell A Lie

Steven Weiss catches Michael Moore playing fast and loose with the truth on Air America:

In today's Air America Radio debut, featuring the first installment of "The O'Franken Factor," Al Franken's comedic approach to the news, Michael Moore was an in-studio guest and Al Gore was a call-in listener. When the two crossed beams, Franken and his co-host did a staged nudge to have Moore apologize for supporting Nader's blowing the 2000 election for Al Gore, but Moore beat around the bush too much.

To get something more explicit out of his guest, Franken said, "You made a mistake," a point that Moore refused to concede. Moore went on to say that Nader had promised his supporters, before the came on board, that he would not campaign in swing states, thus tossing the election to Bush. Moore continued, saying that he had personally made a trip to Florida in the two weeks prior to the election to convince voters there to vote for Gore, not Nader.

Weiss goes on to cast overwhelming doubt on Moore's version of the events preceding the 2000 election. Unfortunately for Moore, real life--unlike his "documentaries"--cannot be spliced and edited to make the facts fit his retroactive wishes.

And is anyone else deeply disturbed by the fact that Al Franken, Al Gore, and Michael Moore all got together to discuss Ralph Nader? Isn't this a sign of the Apocalypse or something?

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Wow. Just a few months late

Wow. Just a few months late on this one, aren't you Micha? Welcome to the blogsphere...now explain to me what relevance this really has?

Aren't they all, politicians that is, Moore being one of them, liars?

Ack, you're right. I didn't

Ack, you're right. I didn't even notice this was from April. Mea culpa.

Moore is not a politician. As a documentary filmmaker, his credibility is an issue.

"Moore is not a

"Moore is not a politician."

Moore doesn't *call* himself a politician. Ought you take his word for it?

"As a documentary filmmaker, his credibility is an issue."

A decided issue. Moore needs no more credibility than a carnival huckster to *sell*, and he knows this.

Okay, maybe he's not a

Okay, maybe he's not a politician, per se, but he's definitely a political player, schemer, posturer.

I just don't share your beef with him though. As a documentary filmmaker, his credibility ought to be measured by his work, by the documentaries, how well they marshall evidence, and make a case, then some flippant or informal comments he makes unrelated to his films on a radio show.