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In a move that must have Paul Ehrlich's head spinning, the International Association for the Study of Obesity declared that obesity is becoming the world's biggest health problem. They recommend that curbing obesity should be a top EU priority, including "controls on marketing and television advertising for children and a labeling scheme to distinguish which foods should be eaten as part of a healthy diet."

Here in the USA we have more non-governmental guidance than we know what to do with regarding healthy diets; are our book and magazine publishers not active in Europe?

The experts called for a common public health policy for the European Union and the establishment of an EU agency with powers to tackle the prevention of obesity and related illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Bouchard also emphasized the need for more funding in both Europe and the United States into the causes and treatments for obesity, which accounts for about two to eight percent of total healthcare costs. Money allocated for obesity research is only a fraction of what is spent on other illnesses and amounts to about one euro or $1 per capita, according to Bouchard.

I have a proposal. Actually, two proposals, both of which I offer to the powers-that-be:

1. Make people start paying for their own healthcare. This is the optimal solution, but the one least popular with governments. This has been covered at length elsewhere, so I won't go more in detail.
2. The next best solution. Instead of spending tax money on more research and more bureaucracy, buy everyone a subscription to Runner's World. It will be cheaper and will not require any new bureaucracy.

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This assumes that the

This assumes that the obesity hype really has anything to do with healthcare costs which, frankly, I don't buy. The obesity hype has reached second-hand smoke proportions, with actual objective science having little to do with the claims being made. This isn't about obesity and health, this is about nanny-staters finding new and better ways to dictate every aspect of your life.

The sad part is, it's working.


Given that everyone dies

Given that everyone dies eventually, there is always going to be a "leading cause of death." And the majority of people are convinced by the assertion that government action is warranted to fight the "leading cause of death." Given that we can't fight the major premise, we need to fight the minor one.

One might propose a new movement: The "Everybody dies; get over it" movement. We could stand around public buildings waving "Everybody dies" signs. We could write nasty letters to the editors of major daily papers reminding them that everybody dies. We could make asses of ourselves in the best Libertarian fashion trying to explain basic facts to the majority, forever.

Or there's the alternative. As long as people don't want to think about the inevitability of death, the state must necessarily grow, unchecked, forever.