Pillows, Not Guns

If you learn one lesson today, learn this one: Never bring a knife to a pillow fight. Or a pillow to a knife fight.

What began innocently enough as a soft-core porn shoot later devolved into absolute mayhem. Filmed in panoramic 360? "SadoVision," this is one series that is certainly NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

I'm sure some radical feminist media critic will have a field day with this one.

Update: In an apparent effort to take the words directly out of my mouth, the creator of Pillow Fight Blood Bath preemptively counters any future feminist criticisms with the following:

Recent studies have shown that the leading cause of death among scantily clad babes is supposedly innocent slumber parties. Pillow fights, long thought to be a healthy form of exercise for cute girls, are, in fact, a tragic accident waiting to happen. Pent up rage with constantly being beautiful and sexy, leads to a terrible insanity that drives hot lingerie wearing women to ruthlessly prey upon their own kind. It is this undocumented crisis that Pillow Fight Blood Bath seeks to address. Action must be taken now or there will be few really hot babes left.

Indeed. Save the babes.

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