Voting for Groceries

Don Boudreax has a nice thought experiment on what it would be like if we voted for the groceries we eat, in bundles, instead of picking and choosing them individually based on our own unique needs and wants.

Although this method sounds crazy, this is essentially how education is allocated in this country. Instead of picking and choosing the specific goods and services individually tailored to the student, we vote for school boards who create one-size-fits-all solutions for all students, with minimal diversity of approaches and methods.

Democracy is horrible way to do things. The market is much preferable.

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Jonathan, Great post! Not


Great post!

Not only are you drawing attention to a great post elsewhere, but you are adding significant value of your own.

Regards, Don

democracy is so inefficient

democracy is so inefficient compared to the market, especially for the individual. good point.

Worse, if we actually got

Worse, if we actually got groceries in this way, after selecting the lamb, baguette and merlot - and the majority also selecting that - we then receive tofu burgers, pumpernickel loaf, and pepsi.

A better analogy would be

A better analogy would be that everyone votes on one of the carts, then everyone gets the cart (collectively) chosen, but the store manager can change the cart contents before the cart is actually delivered to you.

Does it strike anyone else

Does it strike anyone else that the title of this entry sounds like a Weird Al Yankovic song?