More Information on the CSXT Launch

On May 12, 2004 at 11:12 AM PDT CSXT Launched their "GoFast" rocket into space. Here is the CSXT team with the GoFast rocket on Sunday afternoon.


The rocket is 21' long and 10" in diameter. The motor contains 435 lbs of solid propellent that produced over 100,000 lb-sec of total impulse in 14 seconds.


Here the GoFast rocket is prepped for launch the next morning. The payload and avionics section is covered to keep the weather out through the night.


The rocket lifts off. The GoFast rocket reached an altitude of 77 miles (124 km) above sea level and experienced about 8 minutes of zero gravity. The rocket came back to Earth about 25 miles away and the payload and avionics section was found the next day by the Stratofox team. Congratulations to all involved.

Images by Ian Kluft and Will Galloway of Stratofox. Many more pictures from the event can be found here and here

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David, Can you briefly


Can you briefly describe the significance of CSXT?
From both a product and a business POV?

Thanks, Don

They are hobbyists. Not a

They are hobbyists. Not a single red cent came from the government to design, build or fly this rocket.
Nor was there a multi-million dollar investment.