Trash Cannes

The film The Edukators received a 10-minute standing ovation at the Cannes film festival. It could even win the top prize – the Palme d'Or award. Here is the plotline of the story:

The first German film to compete in Cannes in 11 years, it tells the story of three idealistic youths who break into rich people's villas and move their furniture around, leaving behind notes with messages such as: "You have too much money."

Nothing like class warfare to give the crowd something to cheer about. The message here is the usual... the 'rich' have wealth because they cheated, lied, or just got lucky.

Things aren't so quiet beyond the film theatre's walls. Outside were loud protests by the festival's various entertainers and audio-visual technicians, furious with a cut in unemployment deficits. Here are the harsh living conditions the part-time workers are experiencing, in detail:

Current conditions require approximately 100,000 actors and technicians to work 507 hours each year to qualify for 12 months of unemployment pay.

The new plan [would] shorten the period to 507 hours worked during approximately 10 months to receive eight months pay.

The government said the changes were the result of wide abuse of the benefit plan.

Recall that 507 hours equates to 12 weeks of work, or just under three months. That’s right. The actors and technicians want yearlong benefits, publicly funded by force, for under three months of work.

And is anyone really surprised that this plan was already abused beyond definition by those untruthful?

As if on cue, publicity hound and socialist millionaire Michael Moore came to their rescue, supporting the part-time workers' "rights" to health care, paid for by you and me (well, in this case, the French taxpayers). By doing so, I wonder if he missed the film Motorcycle Diaries, a touching documentary about a young Che Guevara in his pre-Communist bloody guerrilla days. A film appreciated by those who admire Che "enormously".

I think I'll pass on Cannes...

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