We're from the government and we're here to <s>hump</s> help

The NY POST tells a story that should come as a shock to no one post-Clinton, that at least in the NY State assembly, interns are selected primarily for their sexual potential rather than their other attributes.

"[M]embers make calls prior to the arrival of the interns in January, or send out scouts to look them over, and then they put in their 'orders' with the staff for the type that they want."

The funny thing is that when CEOs and corporate execs do this sort of thing, its both denounced by social commenters and done using corporate money gained from having to give someone, somewhere, a legitimate service in exchange. With lawmakers, its shrugged off and done at taxpayer expense, with taxes simply taken regardless of how well government does its job.

But, a there is a bright side:

"When you look at an Assembly person from the outside, you have a view about them. But after working with them, you see a totally different person from what you thought," she said.

"After interning at the New York State Assembly, I've come to realize I don't want to be involved in politics," said [21-year-old SUNY Albany student Jennifer] Harrington, who has just wrapped up a semester working for the lawmakers.

Score one for civil society over political society, albeit the hard way. One less person with illusions about their politicians and politics is A Good Thing[tm].

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