Tip To Spammers

Here's a tip for spammers: If you want to get people to open file attachments contaminated with a virus, judging from this comment thread and what are currently the top requests on search engines, it appears that all you need to do is name the file "The Nick Berg Video."

Is anyone else deeply disturbed by this eagerness to watch one's fellow citizen get beheaded? I mean, Paris Hilton, fine. R. Kelly - if watching grown men pee on teenage girls is your thing, go for it. But decapitation? Is that what it takes to get your rocks off these days? Does your mother know about this? You are making Baby Jesus cry. Shame on you.

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I was wondering what that

I was wondering what that was about.

Impressive idiocy.

Thanks, Micha. You've made

Thanks, Micha. You've made me laugh about this whole horrible Iraq mess. I really needed it.

I used to mirror

I used to mirror informationclearinghouse.info until Tom posted that video on his site. The traffic generated by the mirror never caused much of a problem until he posted the video and his ISP took down his site because of the amount of bandwidth being used by people trying to get the video. People were finding my mirror of the site through searches for phrases like "execution video" and "informationclearinghouse mirror." I thought I was being DOSed because of the number of assholes using "download accelerators." Needless to say, I don't mirror informationclearinghouse.info any more.

See video

See video at


What makes people feel

What makes people feel driven to seek out and view this awful thing?

Bets me.

I'm afraid, though, that it shows a negative side of mankind and our way of thinking that will never change.

Will peace on earth and love for all ever be more than dreams?

That was an incredible post.

That was an incredible post. Very funny too. But I'm tired about hearing about Iraq being a 6000 year old civilization because it suggests a certain wisdom which Iraqis don't seem to have. That's proven by this blog entry and others which describe the role of the tribal chiefs. Tribal chiefs! Zig Ziglar said that twenty years experience on the job can mean the first year twenty times over and it seems like that's been going on here since who knews when.