The Nick Berg Video

It appears that the Nick Berg video is making its way across the internet, and the heavily interlinked nature of the blogosphere is driving google traffic the blogosphere's way.

WARIRA771LR.jpgOne of the things few people are commenting on is how the unsurpassed level of media technology is affecting warfare. We saw live battles at all times of day and night during the initial heavy-combat phase of the war. My most vivid memory of that phase was Bob Arnot's live narration of a firefight in which he pulled a civilian family into a foxhole.

What happens when media footage that was once only available to elites, military personnel, and politicians becomes widely available to the everyday joe at the click of a mouse? Does it affect the likeliness of war or peace?

I don't know the answer to that, but I can't see it being a negative. People tend to fight when they see the world as a fixed sum-game. People tend to cooperate when they see the mutual benefits of cooperation. Perhaps the small positive from the disguisting images of Abu Gharib and the proliferation of the Nick Berg video on the internet is that the world sees the awesome gruesomeness of war, and perhaps marginally shows it the benefits of cooperation and peace.

Update: We do not have the video. You can try some of the links above .

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wantin to see viedo . i say kill all those nasty pigs they are all smelly ugly pigs we should put them in a row and split them in half not just cut the head off.

It is time to fight dirty -

It is time to fight dirty - like the terrorists...
Defile their corpses with swine offal...
Target their families for retribution...
Be absolutely merciless...

We are dealing with a culture that admires strength and despises weakness.

Time to take the gloves off and eliminate all of them everywhere.