How to piss away goodwill

No, this isn't about Iraq, but about Six Apart's recent announcement that it's turning MT 3.0 into a crippleware version of MT 2.0, and charge huge license fees for basic features.

As you can see from the sea of negative trackbacks to that post, the various competitors for MT's share of the blogging community should see a massive increase in interest, and a subsequent elimination of much of MT's user base.


(hat tip to Qiwi)

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Hey, make sure to go to

Hey, make sure to go to and get your free copy of ExpressionEngine as they are giving away 1,000 copies to people that have been running other publishing systems for 6 months or more! Very cool.

Why, so they can do the same

Why, so they can do the same thing to their users later on that Six Apart is doing now? Give me a break.

I moved to WordPress a few

I moved to WordPress a few months ago, and it was the best thing that happened to my blog. I wrote a How To move from Movable Type to WordPress over at my blog, which might be of interest to you.
WordPress lets me do everything MT did, and the support and user community positively rock!

Take a look at

Take a look at "theswitched!blog" - the blog for MT to WP crossovers. Feel free to register and add your own entries. - theSwitched!Blog

Wow! WordPress looks pretty

Wow! WordPress looks pretty neat. I might have to consider switching my blog from pyblosxom to WP, once I have more time to look into it.