La Toya Wuz Robbed!!!

I demand a full recount and a new, state-of-the-art voting system, paid for by the American taxpayers. We deserve better, we have to pay the price, we have to make sacrifices and make the necessary contributions. Investment in this new technology will assure the children of America a brighter future. With our current antiquated system, people's fingers might slip resulting in an inadvertant wrong phone vote. Giant LCD displays with the contestant's pictures must be installed in people's living rooms immediately adjacent to the television. And they should only transmit votes when the display is pressed by someone's forehead, not hands or fingers. That way, we, as a society, can be assured that nobody votes for the wrong person.

There is absolutely no way La Toya London should have been sent home from tonight's American Idol, let alone be in the bottom two with Fantasia Barrino. Those two are head and shoulders above the Jasmine Trias and Diana DeGarmo in talent. La Toya has the best range and control of any of the singers, even though Fantasia has the most natural talent.

Before Elton John makes another ignorant comment, there are various reasons why the final vote could have turned out the way it did. Perhaps the fans of La Toya and Fantasia rested on their laurels instead of dial-bombing the phone lines, confident that the 'obvious' favorites didn't need their votes. More likely, La Toya and Fantasia split the votes of the fans who like their similar styles. The same phenomenon happened in my high school when a country music song supported by perhaps 20% of the senior class was voted to be our prom theme when the other songs split by factions.

Either way, it shows the folly of democracy. Lucky for us, there are no guns involved.

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I was just about to post

I was just about to post something similar, Jonathan. My favorite through the entire Final 12 is now gone.

[Cries of racism among media know-it-alls in 3... 2... 1...]

American Idol doesn't hide the fact that it has the worst "voting" system imaginable. They gleefully tell everyone to vote as many times as possible. I really like the show... It hooks you in, and provides a good variety/musical show twice per week, even though it's unlikely I'll buy a CD from an American Idol contestent. I do enjoy its entertainment value. But week's like this are off-putting.

I think Jasmine's crocodile tears, along with the judges' critique, guaranteed her flood of sympathy votes (When Seacrest introduced the show at the beginning as being "unpredictable", I knew something smelled fishy). I guess we'll have another John Stevensgate, Part II, in the gossip pages for a week.

personally, I think Jasmine

personally, I think Jasmine is pretty good and very pretty. If I was a record producer I think she would make more money in sales than the other contestants. Since when did talent matter in the music industry anyway?

Jonathan, Agreed, she was.


Agreed, she was. Liberty spouse and I couldn't believe it.

In addition to the great voice, she has a really pretty face and smile. Hope someone from the business picks her up anyway.

I didn't like Latoya that

I didn't like Latoya that much. Since they did country week Fantasia has been my hands down favorite every time with a few rare exceptions. Latoya on the other hand has seemed awfully fake in many of her performances. She was great with the Big Band Era stuff but that had to have been the first time I have enjoyed any of her performances since the top 32. I don't think there is anything really fake about her she just doesn't tend to emote very well. Yes she's poised, polished, professional etc. but she can't pull off a sad or passionate song to save her life. She has gotten better though. Much better. Let me put it this way I love the song she sang on Elton John night, all she had to do was sing it well and I would have enjoyed it but between her overusage of runs and emphasis where it wasn't needed, lack of any effective display of the emotion and passion of the song, and quirky facial expressions I didn't even like it. She has gotten better though and I was sad to see her leave, especially since Jasmine really bombed last week. But for weeks up until the big band stuff I have hoped that she would be the one to leave, so I didn't shed any tears over the matter. I certainly don't think she was "robbed."