What does the Eye command...

It appears that the Buchananite protectionist blog that we linked to before is crying foul at the Minions of Sauron Cato descending upon their poor hapless abode, with the fearsome Micha leading the way (though, apparently in drag, as they continue to refer to him as a she).


Well, what can I say, they found us out. I know that I and the other Catallarchy Orcs just mill about, shuffling here and there, occasionally going up to Balko the White and asking "what news from Mordor Cato, m'lord", and wearing our nifty mark of the white middle finger. Ahh, rapine and pillage, pillage and rapine...

PS- Catallarchy is in no way, shape, or form, associated with the Cato Institute, who are nevertheless a bunch of fine fellows, satire notwithstanding.

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Sauron hired the orcs

Sauron hired the orcs because they work for less than real humans!

Dey tuk er jebs!

Onward, Orcish soldiers.

Onward, Orcish soldiers.

It seems that Dawn Teo is

It seems that Dawn Teo is STILL under the impression that the CATO Institute is a shill for coporate greed, even after being given links to the contrary.

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