Only You (and Uncle Sam) Can Prevent Prosperity

What do you get when you mix a lot of blinding emotion, a healthy dose of false righteousness, and some bad economics sprinkled on top? The always hilarious (Look for my own companion site, to come online shortly.) I followed a link from Micha's post to a comment thread, and from there to the main site. If you have a high tolerance for this kind of thing, look around the site. A little.

One gem I wanted to share with you: their condemnation of Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah). Meant to highlight his awful record on protectionism, the discerning reader will see through the slander and realize that it would be nice if more Congressmen voted with Cannon. Though it also lays bare his selfish motivations, the review points out that he consistently votes to allow companies to extend their labor pool to the rest of the world.

The disclaimer I must give, of course, is that I have no idea who Cannon really is, and I'm sure that he has plenty of statism in him when he needs to. My point is that I prefer Congressmen who support free(-r) trade--for whatever reason--to Congressmen who support market interference. And that the folks over at Stop Letting Brown People Do Services for Americans are terribly misguided.

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