Kick him in the Ralls

I'm a week late on this topic, so this isn't exactly breaking news...

I was going to comment on political cartoonist Ted Rall, and his inaccurate and sick cartoon in which he calls Pat Tillman an "idiot", "sap", and implies he's merely a racist whose only goal was to "kill Arabs". But the folks at A Small Victory cover it well enough whereas I don't have much more to add.

Rall was also interviewed by Bill O'Reilly, where we come to find out that the New York Times' editorialists do not lean politically left, and Osama bin Laden wasn't necessarily responsible for 9-11.

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I gotta say after reading

I gotta say after reading that interview he did with O'Reilly I agree with Rall (the communist that he is) a lot more often than I agree with Bill the blowhard.

I don't agree with O'Reilly

I don't agree with O'Reilly very often, and I don't particularly like his debating style.

But I tend to side more with Bill than I do with Rall in this engagement. Afghanistan indeed had something like 23 identified terrorist training camps, mostly in the northeast part of the country. The purpose of these camps were to train individuals and map out logistics on how to inflict damage on the West, or more specifically, America and American embassies. To "kill Americans wherever you find them". The actual monetary subsidizing may have come from a variety of places: Osama, Egyptian clients, Saudi radicals, whatever. But one of the primary hubs, if not the top epicenter, of Al Qaeda was located in Afghanistan, with the direct approval and sponsorship of the ruling fascist regime at the time (a regime Rall contends is better than the current one).

Iraq is a different story altogether. But it would take a lot to convince me that the US military wasn't justified in taking out the Taliban and destroying its Al Qaeda University campuses.

I actually used to like Ted

I actually used to like Ted Rall, before he went off the deep end. These days picking at his cartoons (as I did recently) is like shooting fish in a barrel. But they're particularly mean-spirited fish, so I don't feel bad about it in the least.

No one ever wrote a press

No one ever wrote a press release for Jeremy and I:

The Agitator - Pat Tillman

Pretty tasteless.

Pretty tasteless.