Winning by losing

Apropos of a discussion Micha, Jonathan, and I had over at what appears to be a Buchananite protectionist blog on the merits and demerits of 'outsourcing', in a recent post Tyler Cowen points out that "A country with no declining industries is a country that doesn't have many better new ideas."

He finishes up by pointing to a paper detailing the benefits to productivity growth when losing industrial sectors decline, and asks, "Outsourcing, anyone?"


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"Winning by Losing" Really?

"Winning by Losing" Really? I think not. The Radley Balko posse failed to move out of the "Slavesourcing" topic and comment on any of the substantive news articles posted at

For exampley, there is an excellent article from the WSJ in which Dr. Paul Craig Roberts debates free trade with Dr. Jagdish N. Bhagwati (See "Roberts vs. Bhagwati on Outsourcing")

I'm unimpressed by the lack of "real world knowledge" which catallarchy posters displayed on the American Jobs blog. Move down from the theoretical and into events in the news -- reality.