Now they're really screwed

Attempting to do for the porn question what their comrades to the north have done for the housing question, officials in Los Angeles are now seeking to regulate the porn industry. Not content with the industry's response to the recent HIV outbreak, a 60-day moratorium on filming hard-core sex, and its fairly rigorous testing practices, the officials want to shorten testing time from every month to every two weeks, and to require that all performers wear condoms.

It's easy to see what the industry's response to the new regulation would be: leaving California for, ahem, pinker pastures. Most porn films don't feature condoms because most porn consumers don't like to see them. Already threatened by the rising tide of amateur internet porn--which is almost impossible to regulate--they aren't going to take kindly to new restrictions and will simply leave for other locations. Certainly some Californians would be pleased with this, but tax officials would not. It's a big industry that rakes in dough from suckers the world over.

Not only that, but porn makers fear that it will drive more production underground, where standards are lower than they are in Hollywood. I don't know what the rates of infection are for the amateur internet varieties, but I imagine that they are not very high--from what I can tell (correct if I'm wrong and if you can admit that you know better) the amateur stuff doesn't shuffle quite as many performers around as the professional studios do. If you yourself or an intimate runs an amateur operation, they're more likely to care about your health than some studio guy, who sees your types all the time and whose ass is not on the line, so to speak. I could be wrong, but the industry's argument doesn't necessarily hold water. We'd need to see some statistics (and beyond that, we'd need to be able to trust them, which is quite another ballgame).

Even so, new rules cannot be very beneficial to performers if they go someplace to which the rules don't extend.

And another thing, which no one seems to remember: these are porn actors and actresses. They know the risks. They've heard the stories. Not long ago when Lara Roxx was discovered to have HIV, I read a rather graphic article somewhere describing how the virus reached her; let's just say she must have known. Likewise, the performers breaking quarantine must know the risks. They're breaking quarantine anyway.

The government, especially in California, has yet to learn that if people want something very badly, be it to watch porn, to take drugs, or to get across the border to work, there is always someone willing to oblige them with porn production, drug production, and false documents. Cut off one head and another grows somewhere else.

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You Georgians know alot

You Georgians know alot about the Porn industry.

Does your girlfriend know that you know about this knowledge?

I'd like to point out that I

I'd like to point out that I am not an expert on the subject. I welcome corrections.

If it works anything like

If it works anything like beef industry regulation, they'll make it illegal to test porn actors for HIV.