Notes from Space Access '04

Just wanted to post a few quick quotes and notes from the Space Access Conference:

...they don't want to kill their host.

Jeff Greason of XCOR
referring to the FAA/AST

Jeff said this during a talk about the ups and downs of going through the re-usable launch vehicle licensing process. I am sure that everyone here has already heard that XCOR was in fact given their license on Friday morning. I must admit that my suspicions were wrong, XCOR and AST were still tweaking terms in the license application all the way up to Thursday.

No work, no Kirk

John Powell of J.P. Aerospace

J.P. started off his presentation saying that he wanted people coming away from his talk thinking he was a madman. He was quite successful. He presented an idea for using delta wing shaped airships with a low thrust motor to get to orbit. Thing is, he may be crazy, but his idea is crazy enough that it just might work.

Michael Mealling joins Masten Space Systems to help with business development. Michael also runs Rocketforge. He was posting notes throughout the conference.

All in all, the conference was very upbeat. While many spoke of various problems and issues, they were also talking about how they solved the problems and were achieving success. There is going to be a lot more than just Burt Rutan's X-Prize flights in the news in the next several months. Someone once said "It is steam engines when it is steam engime time."

Well, it is private re-usable launch vehicle time.

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