45 and counting...

I usually don't do 'birthday announcements', but figured I'd tip my hat to the lead singer of one of my favorite bands closely associated with the 1980s British "new wave" scene. Robert Smith, singer and guitarist for the Cure, turns 45 years old today.


Forming in the late 1970s, The Cure span over 25 years, with possibly the best album being 1989's Disintegration. Growing up through junior high and high school in the 1980s, the 'wild mood swings' evident through the Cure's albums fit nicely with teenagers trying to adjust emotionally into the transition to adulthood. From the harrowing "One Hundred Years" to the lovelorn "Catch" to the downright giddy "Lovecats", Smith was/is a master of crafting good songs that are enjoyable to hear today just like a couple decades ago.

Not to say that every release has been stellar. The album Wild Mood Swings failed to resonate with most Cure fans, including myself. But Smith and Co. returned with the very strong Bloodflowers, their most recent studio album.

Here's wishing Robert many more years, and hopefully more music.

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_Disintegration_ is their

_Disintegration_ is their best album? Blasphemy! _Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me_ was their best album. I whiled away many a sullen teenage hour listening to that one.

No! No! No! Pornography!

No! No! No! Pornography!

Sorry, Qiwi - I'm with

Sorry, Qiwi - I'm with Dennis. More to the point, I like to think Faith, Seventeen Seconds, and Pornography make up a terror triptych I find irresistible to this day - Pornography being the center panel.

Disintegration, I agree, is the best of the albums released after Pornography, and easily.

Just guessing that Dennis

Just guessing that Dennis and Robert are older than Qiwi who is older than Doug. All favorite albums become so prior to graduating from college. Acknowledging that best-of cd's are cheating, "Staring at the Sea: The Singles" is still the best Cure cd (released in my sophomore year).