Rocket Week and Being an Entrepreneur

It is now after 3 AM local time (PDT) on a Saturday morning and I am still at the Rocket Shop. I have embarked upon what is turning out to be an incredible challenge.

The Rocket Shop is two 1200 sq ft. rollup shop units rented out by a sort of consortium of organizations: TerraLuna is the incubator with member organizations CD International, Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society and Masten Space Systems. (Yep, that last one is my baby! web page coming soon.) The name "Rocket Shop" came from a phone call to my parents when I was telling them where I was at. It was the most concise way of saying it. Several others overheard it and having no better name it stuck.

I've been setting up the beginning of the IT infrastructure, a break from the more tedious financial, accounting, and legal work that is taking up most of my time at present. The upcoming week is rocket week. The first full week that I will be devoting myself 24X7 to rockets (minus a few hours for sleep). The final part for a flight control testbed should arrive on Monday - lots of control code debugging to be done. I also discovered a critical error in a vehicle design which will need to be corrected. Fortunately, it is only in concept design phase. On the administration side I have meetings with the CPA and attorney - I need to get the incorporation paperwork done ASAP and I still don't know whether it will be "inc." or "LLC". Then there is the CAD software demo, if there aren't any major drawbacks we'll go with it. (I used to be a CAD manager, so I know enough about the field to know what products are good for what.) My first week "on the job" and I'm already two weeks behind. Oh, and did I mention that all of this needs to be done by Wednesday? Thursday I'm flying out to Space Access '04, the premier conference for startup rocket companies.

There is a vicious rumor that XCOR will get their launch license during the conference. My suspicion is that they already have it, but they'll announce it at the conference. The six month window for FAA/AST license approval/denial comes to a close on Friday and AST is pretty good at getting things done (shhh..don't let them find out - they don't realize they are a bureaucracy yet) and the XCOR people are no slouches either.

Enough rambling, I had better get home to sleep, I have a lot to do tomorrow.

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WOW!!! thats exciting. it

WOW!!! thats exciting. it sounds busy just reading about it. good luck, float us a prospectus when/if you issue a private placement.