Star Trek Deep Space Nine happens to be one of my favorite shows and to my delight it was recently syndicated on Spike TV. Last week they had a DS9 marathon to commemorate the occasion, playing about eight episodes a day. I was not able to watch all of them, unfortunately, but I was able to catch a few episodes I'd never seen before. One of these was called Sanctuary. It was about a group of alien refugees escaping tyranny and years of slavery on their home planet. They had been brutally conquered and oppressed by another alien species from the Gamma Quadrant.

For those of you not familiar with the show, DS9 is a space station sitting near the mouth of a stable wormhole that connects two very distant quadrants of space: The Alpha Quadrant, where the federation and Earth is located to the Gamma Quadrant, a mostly unknown and unexplored quadrant of space. The space station also orbits a planet called Bajor that was recently liberated from an oppressive occupation by a species known as the Cardassians.

The aliens were looking for their legendary homeland called Kentanna. Soon after arriving in the Alpha quadrant they became convinced that Bajor was Kentanna, the legendary homeland they had been searching for. So they requested that the Bajoran government allow them to immigrate. Bajor was enduring a famine, and the aliens wanted to settle a deserted stretch of land that was both unused and uninhabited. The problem was that there were three million of them. The Bajoran government believed that Bajor's fragile economy would not be able to handle such a large influx of immigrants thus they denied their request.

The exchange went something like this:

Bajoran official: ?Bajor is still recovering from the occupation, our economy cannot handle so large an influx of immigrants.?

Alien refugee: ?But we are farmers. We will be making our own food. We are asking for barren land that you are not using, and cannot afford to make use of. We would not be a burden to your economy.?

Bajoran official: ?Yes but what if your crops fail. What if we have another harsh winter. Bringing food and blankets to millions of refugees would be too strong of a drain on our economy.?

Alien refugee: ?But we do not want your help. We will take care of our own. We are not asking for your charity.?

Bajoran official: ?We would feel obligated to help. If your people started dying, we would have to do something. I'm afraid Bajor's economy just cannot handle that sort of burden.?

In that situation the ultimate drain and burden on the economy would not have been the refugees, but rather it would have been the cultural altruism of the Bajorans. When they realized that their own sense of obligation to help their neighbors could hurt themselves, the Bajorans chose not to help their neighbors at all. At the end of the episode, the leader of the refugees told Major Kira, the Bajoran Liaison officer on DS9, that their people could have made Bajor bloom again, and that the two peoples could have helped each other heal. The problem was that the Bajorans had become so suspicious of others that they could only see other people as a burden, and so they passed up what could have been a great gift and blessing to both of their peoples.

I think that describes the humanitarianism of the conservative left in a nutshell.

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The only got through the

The only got through the first two seasons in the marathon. Now they're showing it at 7 and they started with the first episode. If you missed anything, you'll have plenty of opportunity to catch it again.

Conservative Left?

Conservative Left?

democrats, greens... the

democrats, greens... the usual bunch who call themselves liberal, but aren't by any objective meaning of the term. In my opinion if you fight against change tooth and nail simply because it is change you cannot be considered liberal. Hence the conservative left, as opposed to those on the left that might actually qualify as liberal. Any questions?