More on the Socialized US Healthcare System

Trent McBride of The Proximal Tubule tries to estimate just how large the 'public' health care bill is in the United States. As I've written before, it is a myth that there is a free market in health care in the US.

And by the way, having browsed the archives of The Proximal Tubule, it looks to be a promising blog on medicine related issues. Finding people with a free-market perspective in the health care field is like trying to find a $20 million movie star who is not into Scientology.

[via Volokh Conspiracy]

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Yes, it's difficult to find

Yes, it's difficult to find free-market loving doctors in the blogosphere, but not impossible. Check out this one (light blogging lately, but he promises to resume soon):

Or the always interesting medpundit: